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Corporate Charter

Corporate Charter

Time is a valuable commodity for decision makers, and its productive management essential. Chartering an aircraft can be viewed as a waste of financial resources – or a very effective business tool. It is no co-incidence that high profile successful business decision makers make very effective use of chartering. European Aircharter Centre assists various blue chip companies with their charter requirements. Proposing the ideal aircraft for the charter based on the initial brief we closely liaise with our client, from charter inception to charter completion, ensuring all of the  intended charter goals are achieved. Until a charter option is examined, how will you know what the comparative options are? Or what benefits may accrue?  In some cases chartering can be financially comparable to business class scheduled costs – and better! LESS THAN 30% OF OVER 2,500 licensed European airfields are serviced by scheduled flights


Aircharter will bring the users closer (if not direct)

  • Total flexibility to suit YOUR schedule
  •  Time savings through greater mobility
  • Greater accessability to more airfields
  • Fast and effective response to unexpected events
  • Round the clock availability of aircraft and crew
  • No schedule service restrictions
  • Improved Executive Security
  • No crowded airports and delays

Sample Charter Projects

We assisted a company with their charter requirement which involved a financial tour of the client’s plants in the U.K. and Germany, transporting six passengers. The aircraft we proposed was  a Super King Air 200, a pressurised turbo-propellered short runway specialist, with seating for 8 passengers travelling. Although slightly slower than the comparable executive jet option, with just as much interior room, it brought the travelling party directly to the destination in Germany. The executive jet hadn’t got the runway capability to land, and both the scheduled service and executive jet option required a greater land travelling time, as both choice airports were 58 miles away. The aircraft was chartered for three days, visiting five destinations. The time the tour would have taken using scheduled service was six days. The cost savings were additional ground travelling expenses, two nights accommodation and meals etc. These savings are additional to the initial saving of approx 20% over the scheduled option. Had the aircraft had its full compliment of eight passengers, this 20% saving would have risen significantly.

We assisted a company with their charter requirement to fly their corporate guests, a group of six restaurateurs, Day Return, to visit Chablis. The aircraft chartered was a Learjet. The purpose of the visit was to provide a tour of the vineyards and the cellars of a wine producer, followed by a tasting of the range of Chablis wines. “Following a superb lunch, the group returned to Dublin, some to resume work in their restaurant”

We assisted a company to fly their corporate guests on an executive jet to Italy, for a Champions League semi-final, Day Return. The chartering company had organised limousine collection from the airport to a three star Michelin restaurant for lunch, onwards to the match venue, and then back to the airport.

Sample of companies we have assisted: