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For the following one-way sectors it is necessary to charter the whole flight, although in some cases a minimum group may be sufficiently viable. Re-routing of the aircraft may be possible, once the main route is not substantially altered. Should you wish to sell empty sectors within your charter operation, please contact us in order that we may include your sectors in our next bulletin update. Additionally, should any of the sectors below not be of interest, please advise us of your requirement, as we may be in receipt of a sector which would interest you, but has not yet been posted on our site.

What is an empty Sector?

Empty Sectors are when an aircraft has no passengers but the cost of this flying has already been cost allocated into other charter flights or general flying “overheads”, by the operator carrying out the flying. Examples of empty sectors arising are, When an aircraft’s home base is Manchester, and the passenger’s final destination on a charter was Dublin, the aircraft must position back to Manchester empty.
Using the above example, when the same aircraft must position from Dublin to Paris empty to execute its next booked charter. When a commercial jet in a charter series must fly empty at the start of the series to pick up its passengers at the originating airport. This also applies at the end of the series.
Substantial savings can occur in comparison to the cost of regular charter, however schedule timings can sometimes be restrictive as the original booked charter timings take precedent.


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