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European Aircharter Centre specialises in the movement of just-in-time freight, offering a fast and effective response to that unexpected occasion when critical deadlines must be met for time sensitive cargo. The movement of high value, vitally urgent, or just awkward freight is often well outside the scope of most scheduled airlines capabilities.
Whether the freight dictates an air-taxi or small jet to carry a few hundred kilos, or a large outsize load requiring a wide bodied freighter capable of carrying 120 tons, we can provide the right aircraft at the right time.


European Aircharter Centre’s intimate knowledge of the aviation market, and our constantly updated information system facilitated by operators notifications, allow us to be aware of who is where in freight terms. We are updated on a daily basis by freight aircraft operators whose aircraft can be based at different locations either daily, weekly or monthly. Additionally, some airlines whose main business is passenger capacity also have their aircraft available at night for freight movement, and these aircraft will not be based at their normally familiar bases.